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15 (ish) tips if you are changing your CV…

1.     Don’t be lazy! 

Change your CV for every job you apply for… and job websites have made many people lazy. You can’t just have one version of your CV and simply rely on the “one click apply” websites. You have to stand out and adapt your CV every time you send it to an agency or direct employer.

2.     1 Elephant, 2 Elephants…Count to 10…

Now you know how long someone will spend reading your CV. You put a huge amount of time into perfecting your CV and then they only scan it for 10 seconds. Make those 10 seconds count by actually selling yourself and giving the reader reasons why you are different from the rest.

3.     Stop stating the bleeding obvious…

If you have words like punctual, hardworking and trustworthy in your CV then please please stop! I mean it, please stop!

Please stop!


4.     Don’t leave it until the last minute like my kids and their homework!

Research before you apply….please

Many people only research the business properly before they attend an interview and this is wrong!! You need to do some initial research before you apply and then alter your CV accordingly to get that interview.

5.     Give it the X factor treatment!

Every performer on a talent show is now given a backstory that drags on until I am screaming at the TV. They want to draw the viewer in and you have to do the same. So when telling your story let’s add a few sprinkles of magic…do not milk it though!

6.     The Corporate Bu****it Bingo Game

When I am reviewing CV’s I like to play this game…it keeps me sane and it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. 

Now I applaud the fact that you like to “cross-fertilize” your ideas with all the “key stakeholders” and that you are always throwing around “thought grenades” to see what explodes.  Please take this “offline” and remove them from your CV as it will bore the reader to death. It’s not big and it’s not clever!

You didn’t think I would give you them all in one go did you? Seriously…….

Watch this space…

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