Finger Clickin' Good?

I see myself as a moderate kind of guy but there are a few things in life that I don’t like…

1.      Celery – I mean come on, what’s the point

2.      Cats – they are evil and plan to take over the world….. honestly, just look into their eyes for a few seconds.

3.      Overweight middle aged men dressed in Lycra – just no, I don’t care how nice and expensive your racing bike is!

4.      “One Click Apply options” on job websites like

The theory is that you load a copy of your CV onto a website and then you can merrily apply for multiple jobs in minutes. Just keep on clicking and sooner or later someone will invite you for an interview and give you a great job.

Please………. wake up and smell the coffee!!

The primary tool in your job search is not your index finger, it’s your brain!

Don’t fall into the trap that the job websites set for you.  Treat every potential role different, read the bloody job description and change your CV to match their requirements.  You might just be a match and they might want to meet all of you and not just that over active index finger.

So it’s not Finger Clickin’ Good, it is very much a case of Finger Clickin’ Bad!

p.s. I apologise to any middle-aged male cyclists I have offended

p.p.s. Cat lovers .....not sorry at all